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you glow girl!

Achieve silky smooth skin with this purifying mud scrub, powered by natural glow-getters acai and goji berry. 🌸

A good scrub can give instant impact to any babe's skincare routine. You Glow Girl is a powerful polish that deeply purifies, evens skin tone and fades blemishes to reveal a bright, glowy look.


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full ingredients list

  • Finely ground pumice gently buffs away dry and dead skin, leaving behind a soft, healthy complexion.
  • Superfruit acai berry provides rejuvenating nourishment with omega-3,6,9 fatty acids to keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Antioxidant goji berry slays free radicals and delivers a shot of glow-boosting amino acids which can increase collagen production and fade scars.
  • Removes grime and impurities to properly deep clean, minimising pore appearance and maximising your glow!

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What is it?

A silky mud scrub for babes who like a bit of physical exfoliation to reveal their inner glowiness. Whipped creamy and luxurious in texture with fine particles of pumice stone. Made with soothing, gentle ingredients. Smells like a sweet shop crossed with a florist!

How to include it in your routine:

Use up to 3 times a week to respect your skin's natural barrier. Can be used instead of cleanser. Grab a small dollop with your fingers and lightly massage onto your wet face in circular motions. Leave for a few minutes if desired and rinse to finish.

This product is:

Vegan, microbead free, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, paraben free, sls free, made in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Super soft skin

My skin feels soo soft after using this scrub! It smells really good and my skin just feels so clean after

Nice scrub

The smell isn't my favorite but the product makes my face soft, so I can definitely deal with it!

A fresh-faced feeling!

I love this scrub! It’s gentle enough that it’s not irritating, nor does it make my skin feel raw, but effective enough that my skin is left softer after I wash it off. After using it 2-3 times per week for a few weeks, I can say confidently say that my skin is much smoother! It takes a bit of time, but I believe it’s worth it. I much prefer using a somewhat gentler physical scrub for a longer amount of time as opposed to something extremely harsh that shows immediate results, but ultimately damages my skin. The floral scent is wonderful as usual, and I’m never left feeling tight or dry—I feel fresh instead! And as per usual, a little bit goes a long way and the formula spreads easily, so this scrub should last you a while.

Gentle but effective

Another great product, I just love the smell of this pink range. The scrub is not harsh at all but it does leave my skin feeling very smooth and bright. Great to use twice a week when my skin gets a bit flaky!

Another lovely product!

Tried this for the first time yesterday and it is fabulous! It smells amazing, feels amazing, left my skin feeling really soft and isn’t harsh on your skin like other scrubs can be. Will definitely be buying this again. Big thumbs up wow you!

My new fave!

After years of using the same exfoliating scrub I decided it was time for a change and I don’t regret it one bit! This scrub is the perfect balance of creamy and gritty. It doesn’t dry my skin and it leaves me feeling refreshed. I would definitely recommend this