super serum

Packed with all-star ingredients including acne-fighters rosehip and blueberry, this serum is super for 3 good reasons:

1. Defends every day against pollution and acne by slaying free radicals and keeping breakouts at bay.
2. Rapidly repairs damage done by these pesky problems by fading blemishes and helping skin to regenerate.
3. Instantly brightens, hydrates and evens tone to leaves you with a natural dewy glow.


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full ingredients list

  • Regenerative rosehip oil nourishes skin with omegas 3, 6 and 9 to help repair acne scarring and fade blemishes.
  • Antibacterial blueberry helps to prevent acne and also calms skin via its anti-inflammatory action.
  • Green tea boosts microcirculation to improve skin tone and health.
  • Antioxidant Centella Asiatica slays free radicals from common daily pollutants which can dehydrate and stress skin.
  • Skincare superstar hyaluronic acid quenches skin with hella hydration, helping to plump, soften and smooth.
  • Amazing argan oil helps to prevent breakouts by balancing oil levels.

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What it is:

A lightweight, water-gel serum. Glides on smoothly and gets to work as it quickly absorbs into skin. Made with powerful, effective natural ingredients. Smells like the best floral smell ever!

How to include it in your routine:

Gently massage a pump onto cleansed skin with your fingertips until fully absorbed. Follow with Ready to Glow or Woke Up Like This for even more hydration, moisture and goodness!

This product is:

Vegan, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, paraben free, sls free, made in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Two words: holy grail.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I’m in love. Of all the Wow You! products I’ve used, I think this one is the one that’s really done it. Super Serum indeed, holy shit! I have discoloration, texture, noticeable pores, and deep scarring, but all that is truly beginning to change and I couldn’t be happier. Scars that I’ve had for over ten years are fading, huge pores are beginning to “shrink” (pores don’t actually change in size!), and my overall skin tone is becoming more even. The little acne that I’m still working through is smaller than ever, and my face feels so fresh every time I use this serum. A little goes a long way (as all Wow You! products do), the floral scent is wonderful and natural, and the serum absorbs into my skin quickly. I have been bullied for my skin since late elementary school and have even had strangers comment on my skin in the past to give me “tips”, and now, I think the skin I’ve always wanted may actually be achievable. I feel like crying! I think I’m going to be a dedicated customer for a very, very long time.

Nothing special

It’s ok, but nothing special. Not worth the price, wouldn’t rebuy. Can’t really tell if it has any effect on skin, since I haven’t noticed any difference than usual. Definitely not worth the hype.

I like it

This serum is pretty nice. It has a strong smell at first but isn’t bad and doesn’t stay, which I like. The serum soaks in really quickly for me and feels nice. It didn’t really change my face too drastically for the better though (and definitely didn’t do anything bad) but maybe I just need to use it more often.


I got this to clear my spots and acne scars and it really works! I'm 26 and still get acne,when it turns up it lingers for ages but this seems to Cleer it up quicker and my acne scars are FINALLY reducing. It's not miraculous but it's definitely the best thing I've ever used so I suppose some would say it is miracleous?! A little goes a long way and it smells beautiful!

Just finished first bottle

Just finished my first bottle of this stuff and honestly its amazing leaves my skin so soft and clear. I have quite sensitive skin and this has got along with my skon great and it smells absolutley amazing ive just come one here to buy a second bottle because i love the stuff. Would reccomend to everyone

SUPER serum

I’ve been using this for the past two weeks and as for Z’est la vie I’m madly in love with the scent: it’s super fresh and fruity and it slightly lingers of my skin but it’s not too intense. The serum is very very light and easily spreadable on the skin, it leaves a slight sticky feel for the first few seconds and then my skin feels super soft and hydrated! Since I started using this I’ve barely broke out and my combination skin loves this serum! 10/10 will probably buy it again!

Great serum

I love the texture of this serum, it's lightweight but super hydrating. I use it after cleansing before moisturising with the ready to glow cream and it leaves my skin soft, smooth and glowing. The ingredients in this are amazing, highly recommend!


This is just a great all rounder to keep your face moisturised during the day. This product has worked well for me so far as just a topper over my moisturiser. I would recommend it if you have dry skin


This is the first serum I've ever had so I've got nothing to compare it with, but now that I've tried it I don't think I'll ever feel the need to use another one! The smell is just amazing and it feels quite nice on my skin, not sticky at all. I always leave some time for it to sink in before using my moisturiser and I haven't had any problems with dry skin anymore since I started using it. Such a good solution to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months! I feel like I've got a clearer complexion as well.

Best serum

I suffered with dry skin as far as I can remember all I can say is this serum is AMAZING! Absorbs into the skin leaving it super soft can see the difference straight away and works even better if you use the moisturisers and cleansers. These products have cleared my skin right up! No dry patches on my face anymore and no blemishes. WOWYOU never disappoints high quality skincare!