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This is such a lovely lip balm and I absolutely love the packaging.


I use this whenever my skin needs a little boost and my skin always looks so much better and feels so soft afterwards.

Love the Zing

I love the zesty scent for summer time.

ready, set, glow!
Ella McConnell
Favourite skincare!!

Found this line a few years ago when I was struggling with bad Acne. First brand that felt like it was hugging and treating my skin, not to say it was the products that cleared my issues, as I believe in internal cleansing as well as external products but to have something so soft and lightweight on my skin, giving it the comfort it needed it definitely helped the healing process!
-I have never found a brand that I work as well with as I do WOW YOU. + I love the mini pack of the whole line, what a great way to trial the whole line without breaking the bank. Years later and I found myself back shopping with this brand and I have yet to find something I prefer. Also love the cute messages the company sends to boost your self esteem. A company I feel happy to support.

Great products

Having bought various off the shelf skin products for my teenage daughter, who was having regular breakouts, I saw an advert for Wow You products so bought the trial size of the products for her to try. She is so happy with how her skin feels & her skin looks so much clearer. She loves the smell of them too! Have just received the full sized products - one happy teenager!

Soft, gorgeous moisturiser!

Smells so lovely and makes my skin so soft. A staple of my nightime routine from now on!

glow to sleep™
Louise B.
So much happier now!

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and I think it’s the best cream I’ve ever used for my skin. I’ve suffered with spots for so long and this is a game changer for me. I like the serums and cleansers too but this cream is what keeps my skin clear and heals any spots I do get quickly. Thank you WOW YOU!! 🥰

ready, set, chill!
Micaela Dennison
Beautifully presented

I enjoy your products so much I decided to give this selection to my friend as a gift. Thank so much

sea hydrate
Like it

this serum has a nice texture, it feels great when applied to the skin

wonderful cream

it is a great product, it leaves the skin very soft, it has a great smell I love it

hey cu-tea!

It is a great mask, it gives very good results on the skin


I like it keeps the skin clean

Like it

I like it, it's a good mask, the smell is incredible, it leaves the skin soft


It is a fantastic cream, it keeps the skin hydrated

Love it

it is an excellent cleaner has a pleasant aroma

Love it

I love this product

Perfect for teenagers

My son loves the Zen products. His skin is less irritated and looks great.

glow up a level
Kayleigh Bishop
Cannot live without!

I absolutely love these products and cannot live without them now! I recommend them to anyone who has acne or eczema. My only tiny thing is I wish there was a daily SPF, but that’s just me wanting to use your products for everything!

glow up a level
Rebecca Strong
Love it!!!

I have been using this set for a while now and my skin is looking better everyday!

glow duo
Sophia Herlihy
So hydrating😍

I had really dry skin before I started using these, and after about a month of using them, I can see and feel such a clear difference. My skin is so much healthier now and looks much more hydrated!! Highly recommend!!!

ready to glow™
Sophia Herlihy
Love it!

Such a great moisturiser. My skin was starting to get really bad before I used it and I started getting really bad acne. But once I started using this it really cleared up!!

slay cleanser
Sophia Herlihy
My favourite cleanser!

Really cleared up my skin, and it came in really cute packaging!

Skin saver

I ordered a mini bundle for my daughter for Christmas after reading about it in the Independent. This moisturiser has made so much difference to her skin- it’s cleared up her spots and really improved the look and feel of it. I have since reordered the moisturiser and serum. The products are beautifully packaged and the customer service is excellent.

ready, set, glow!
Emma Carter
A happy 14 year old!

I bought this as a birthday present for my daughter hoping to find a skincare routine that works for her.
I was happy, because it made such a lovely gift and after 10 days of morning and night routine she asked for full size products because she is feeling so much more confident in her own skin.

super serum

Love this product so much I feel sad when I run out:( it's made such a difference to my skin & I wouldn't be without it :D