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super serum
Pretty in Pink

I impulse purchased this through Instagram about 3 weeks ago and the results are really impressive. It reduces redness and scarring as advertised and has a great scent. Highly recommend! I've tried bio-oil and it took about 3 months to work, whereas I've seen results with this in a matter of days.

super serum

It took 3 weeks to get to me, but I love it. Had some stubborn acne spots that cleared up. Smells fresh.

Ready to Glow

I love this product!! This is the second product i’ve tried from this company and I use it with the super serum and they go really well together; both smell lovely so it just intensifies the scent! The moisturiser leaves your skin feeling lovely and is really easy to spread. Would definitely use again :)

Exceeds very high expectations

I bought this based on the reviews and was expecting marvellous things but this exceeds my expectations! For a start, it smells so good! My redness is reduced, my skin is super hydrated and soft and my oily patches on my skin are so much better to the point its not oily anymore!!! I cannot recommend this product more!


I’ve used super serum for around 2 weeks now and I’ve already noticed an improvement in my skin. It has really controlled my acne and made my skin brighter. I would 100% recommend and I’ll be buying again!!!

Great product

Over the last month I tried a lot of products in the hope of finding my perfect skin routine. My skin is very sensible and all the products I used just made my skin worse. My face was red and inflamed all the time and I had some acne on my cheeks that just wouldn't go away. Normally I am not a big fan of buying skin care products on the internet but I was really desperate so I got the zen cleanser and the super serum to just try it out. After using it for the first time I was already in love. My skin feels super smooth and the product is super gentle with my sensitive skin. My redness reduced dramatically and I just feel better about my skin in general. I am using the products for a month now and my acne and pimples got way smaller. I am currently waiting on the face scrub and moisturizer I recently ordered and can't wait to try them out.

Never going back!

This moisturiser is the definition of HYDRATION. Ever since I moved to Sweden I've had really dry skin, the type of dryness you feel almost like your skin is thirsty (note that I do drink lots of water) but ever since using this jewel I will never go back to any other product. Cannot speak enough wonders about it! I LOVE IT


Everything from this cleanser surprised me. I was so used to "sensitive" products that would dry my skin out. But this one is just PERFECT. It makes no foam and you can feel the smoothness of the product going into your pores. I have never had better skin than now.

Lovely cream cleanser

I really like this. I like to use a cream cleanser in the evenings, after I have taken off my make-up (with micellar). It has a luxurious thick texture that feels really nice on the skin, I like to spend some time rubbing it in. I use less then one pump which is plenty. After rinsing it off, my skin feels lovely and clean but not stripped or dried out. I can’t say I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin, but I love using it an it has an impressive ingredients list (all lovely and natural). I’m not crazy for the smell, it is a little sickly sweet for me.

super serum
It’s soooo good!

My skin has always been sensitive so it can be difficult to find skincare that doesn’t irritate it, this serum has calmed my skin down, my red and itchy skin is a thing of the past. Although I don’t get many breakouts I feel like my skin is smoother and more hydrated. There is also the added bonus of it smelling lovely and fruity.

super serum
Absolutely amazing

Been using it for about 2 weeks now and what a difference on my skin, it is fully cleared and feeling great!! 😁😁

Only using this serum

This serum melts into my skin, which I love. My biggest problem with most serums is how they feel greasy and like they sit on top of your skin. That’s not an issue here. It makes my skin feel silky and soft with no slick feeling.

My favorite moisturizer

I’ve tried a lot of Wow You products and this one made the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. My skin must have been thirstier than I thought, because after a few nights my skin looked and felt so much softer. Also, it smells incredible.


I normally never take the time to review products but I absolutely love this serum. Ive seen so much improvement with my skin since ive started using it. My skin is extremely sensitive and dehydrated, normally either dry or oily which I guess is a result of being dehydrated. The serum has calmed my skin down, and is so much more on the normal side now. Love it!

Lives up to its name!

this product is the first i have tried from this brand, and i have not been disappointed!! i was attracted to the product because of the ingredients in it so i was excited to try it. it smells lovely! i am a big fan of fruity scents so this was definitely right up my street. the serum spreads easily so you don’t need to use much product. the serum can leave a sticky feeling, but this soon vanishes after you moisturise. my skin feels really smooth the following morning and i have noticed an improvement in my skin. i’ve been under a lot of stress recently so i was expecting a few breakouts, but i have had barely any, which i am guessing is down to the serum. i can’t wait to try more products!

Absolutely love this cream!!

I am so glad I ordered this cream and I would 100% recommend! I suffer from really dry skin and recently it had gotten so bad that it was really getting me down and so I decided to try and find a new natural cream at an almost desperate attempt to help. I just stumbled across this brand on Instagram and oh my gosh am I glad! Firstly it smells amazing like honestly amazing and it has done wonders for skin! My skin feels hydrated, soft, smooth and my blemishes have faded! I have had so many people even comment how good my skin is looking including complete strangers! Thank you so much wowyou I will definitely be ordering again :)

another great serum

Love using it before the super serum when my skin is in need on some hydration. Does what it says, as usual nice product hee and mix well with other products.

Love it!

I haven’t used a wash off cleanser for years as I found it dried my skin out too much and triggered breakouts. This is so soothing I’m totally converted. My skin feels so soft after using it and no tight feeling. I’ve started making my husband use it too as he has very patchy dry sensitive skin and he really likes how it feels too.

I haven’t stuck with many serums in the past, either they didn’t agree with my skin or they made no real difference. This one really does! My skin is so much more even since I started using it daily under my moisturiser. I also occasionally use it as an extra boost later in the day if my skin is feeling a bit dry and it leaves a lovely glow. I’ve already been back and bought more.

Obsessed ❤️

First of all : the smell is divine!
It hydrates my skin so well, and it feels so refreshing when I use it I'm in love with it.
This cute serum really does its job at hydrating and protect from pollution, I am certainly going to repurchase ❤️
Also you don't need to use a lot of it, a little goes a very long way, and its watery texture makes it super easy to apply on your skin, leaving it with a cute little and non greasy glow!
I'm using it for almost a week and half, and it has an effect on acne scars thanks to centella asiatica and rosehip oil, especially on the most recent ones. It makes a pimple disappear so much faster than any serum I used before.
To give you an example, when I pop a pimple it usually takes a week or 2 for all the redness and mark + pimple to go away (depending on how deep was the pimple when I popped it) and I noticed that since I use the Super Serum, it all goes away within a week.
Also it calms the inflammations and really soothes the skin, and I noticed that I am starting to have a more healthy looking skin. I'm also using the Lit C Cleanser from WOW too, I think the two of them work very well together and have combined effects. I use the Super Serum before bed in my pm routine and sometimes in my morning routine ❤️

Holy grail

The first time I used it, I was not a fan of the texture because I always used gel type cleansers and it was disturbing for me to use this creamy texture as a cleanser...
But I changed my mind right away! I'm using it every night in my pm routine for a bit more than 20 days now so I can make a real review, and I'm obsessed with this cleanser, it's one of the best I ever used.
It doesn't dry out my skin ', doesn't make it break out since my sensitive skin is prone to acne and breakouts so I choose my facial products very carefully, I think it helps to regulate sebum production (I have no proof of it I don't know if it's the cleanser or another factor though, but my skin feels less oily and my forehead is less shiny).
I love the feeling on my face after cleansing, soft like a baby's butt and not dry at all. I noticed a change in my skin's texture, pores are less enlarged and my skin tone is more even.
Also a little goes a long way, and don't be surprised by its non-foaming texture. Definitely a must buy! Will repurchase again ❤️

Amazing night cream

Bought this because I love the other night cream WOW does and I love it just the same keeps my skin hydrated and does not irritate my sensitive skin I cannot reccomend this brand enough and along with super serum is keeping my skin looking so clear and hydrated

hey cu-tea!
A clay mask for people who hate clay masks.

I’ll be honest—I was initially underwhelmed and skeptical. I’m used to mud masks that dry down and assumed that the drying had something to do with the effectiveness of the product, but as per usual, Wow You! has done it again. This mask won’t dry and crack all over your face. In fact, it’s quite creamy and comfortable, yet I still get the benefits from any other clay mask. It’s a much more gentle formula, so I don’t think it would be irritating to those with sensitive and/or dry skin. It may take a bit of getting used to, but after giving it time and allowing the product to work on my skin over the course of a few weeks, I’ve noticed how it helped control any acne that may have popped up. I personally use Z’est La Vie to stop acne from forming, but if I’ve had a particularly stressful week, Hey Cu-Tea! is what I use to deal with the aftermath. As with all products, this mask is worth trying—I’ve never found a brand before where I’ve liked everything I’ve tried, but there’s a first for everything I suppose!

A fresh-faced feeling!

I love this scrub! It’s gentle enough that it’s not irritating, nor does it make my skin feel raw, but effective enough that my skin is left softer after I wash it off. After using it 2-3 times per week for a few weeks, I can say confidently say that my skin is much smoother! It takes a bit of time, but I believe it’s worth it. I much prefer using a somewhat gentler physical scrub for a longer amount of time as opposed to something extremely harsh that shows immediate results, but ultimately damages my skin. The floral scent is wonderful as usual, and I’m never left feeling tight or dry—I feel fresh instead! And as per usual, a little bit goes a long way and the formula spreads easily, so this scrub should last you a while.


I love everything about this scrub!
The texture is great,the scent is sublime and it leaves my skin soft like a baby bottom!
One of the best physical Exfoliator I’ve own!