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super serum
Love it but its not perfect!

It has definitely improved the overall texture and hydration of my skin which helps with the way my skin looks without makeup, and how makeup looks on top (before i had such dry skin on nose and areas of cheek)
However, it doesn't quite battle my acne as I've still got spots appearing on my lower face (cheeks, chin, jaw, nose)- and this is the reason why I've given it 4 stars
It sinks in quickly, makes my face feel nice and cleansed and apart from the above negative it really is a fab product!

Holy Grail

I fell in love with this brand whilst I was searching for a new cleanser and stumbled across the Slay Cleanser which features in this little bundle. There was a vast improvement in my skin and I was bummed when it finally ran out. I purchased the mini kit because I really needed my cleanser and it gave me an opportunity to try some of the items that I had requested the normal sized versions of for Christmas. I also bought some other items I was interested in trying. I love them all. My skin is the best it has ever looked, it would look flawless if I consistently kept up with my skin care routine, and I adored the personalised note that Ella included recognising that I was a returning customer. The packaging was adorable and more importantly is recyclable! I love this brand and would recommend their products.

Z’est la vie

Smell very fruity and makes my skin tone more radiant.

super serum
Super Serum

I use it every day and rate it highly. It makes my skin look more youthful.

Mini magic

Great way to try a few different products without committing to the larger bottles. Also prefect size for travelling of popping in your handbag- would recommend.

Great for rosacea

My skin is a real disaster. I have rosacea, and most days I naturally look like a tomato.
I've tried every cream I could find in pharmacies, and it's the first time I purchase skincare on the internet.
And the result is great. This cream doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't make it redder than before, and I don't have crocodile skin on my cheeks anymore. It hydrates like a dream and is a good makeup base.
So for the ones who have rosacea : it's a great moisturiser. I've been using the same bottle daily for two months, and I'm about to repurchase it.
Also, the packaging is cute, which is a real plus.

Thank you to the team for helping me out before my purchase :)

Smells good

it's taking a wile for the skin to get used to this product. Otherwise, I like it!

Lasting and smells good

I love this product, it's smells soo good, it's lasting so you don't need so much to clean your face on makeup and best of all, it's vegan and cruelty free 😍😍

Cutest minis ever!!

I love this mini set!! It’s the perfect size and weight for travelling and the bag is amazing!! Thank you for making this set!

Great products

My skin looks great after only using these products for one week !

So cute and genuinely makes your skin look better!!

Love this kit! It's the perfect way to sample the wow you products. The glow to sleep moisturiser is the softest thing ever I love it! Will definitely be buying the full sizes of them!

Happy To Be Scrubbed Gently!

Another wonderful product from WOW Beauty! I use this product about three times a week in conjunction, on the remaining days, with Zen Cleanser. It smells divine, feels lovely to apply and leaves my skin with a healthy after-glow effect. It combats my dry patches and makes me feel sexy and refreshed! (Believe me, proof of its miracle powers! 😂) I just can’t wait for next payday to order my next product in the collection! Team...you are a marvel! 😍

The Perfect Product for My Temperamental Skin!

This product is simply dreamy and as gorgeous as it states in its wonderful title! I have difficult skin that forms dry patches across my face, particularly under my chin and yet also oily patches that produce areas of spots. As a result, I am always nervous about trying something new because it reacts quickly when not happy. I am so glad I did though and found WOW Beauty! This is soft, has a lovely scent and absorbs quickly. Makeup goes on well afterwards too! My dry patches have cleared up and flakiness is no more. When the product first I arrived, I was a little disappointed with its size but I was worrying over nothing because it lasts agggeesss! I am currently at the end of my third month of using every day. I agree with previous reviews that it is not easy to tell when it is running out because there is no way of seeing but I have already ordered my replacement for that eventuality! Thankyou WOW team for producing this gorgeous specimen and for your excellent, ‘bend over backwards to please’ Customer Service team! You are awesome! 🥰

I'm still unsure

It's been 2 months using this moisturizer. Had the craziest purge in the first month, now it has sort of mellowed down but I still have some smallish bumps on the chin (my usual breakout zone), my cheeks and forehead (which isn't my usual breakout zone). Hence, I'm not sure about this...bummer, I really want to like it!

Hi Nicole, I'm so sorry to hear that your skin didn't get on with Glow to Sleep! I'm happy to hear from your other reviews that you're enjoying Ready to Glow and Aloe Gorgeous, if you'd like us to replace your Glow to Sleep with one of these we'd be more than happy to do so, just let me know :) Many thanks, Ella
Obsess with the smell

This moisturizer smells amazing. Pair it with super serum and they go a long, long way!

Love the product, hate the packaging.

Okay, so the product itself was waaay above my expectations. The lotion is very thick so the first time I used it it was an "oh no" moment, but it makes my skin super soft and not greasy at all!
Then there's the packaging... I hate that you can't see or feel how much is left. Guessing is a bit annoying when it takes a week or so to arrive, so if you ever decide to make some adjustments to it, I'd recommend you the switch it to a softer kind of plastic, or make the lid detachable so you can take a look.

Hi lovely, thank you so much for your feedback! I'm really pleased to hear you're enjoying Aloe Gorgeous and it's helping out your skin! Sorry to hear you hate the packaging though, we will definitely take your feedback on board. We have used this airless container as it is fully recyclable and keeps the product fresh for longer. You can actually detatch the lid, just use both hands and split the lid off the base. It does take a bit of force but it will re-attach afterwards by popping back on so you can take a look when you're near the end. Additionally, with daily use, Aloe Gorgeous should last around 45 days if you'd like to use a timescale instead. Hope this helps lovely! Many thanks, Ella
An Essential

Makes a huge difference in my skin routine! Ive been using this serum for 3 months now and I cant live without it. I have combination skin and this serum balances is right out! Already repurchasing it 😍

Great start!

I kept seeing these products pop up on Instagram so I thought I’d give them a try.
I wasn’t dissapointed!
My skin hasn’t been this soft and glowing for a while. Apart from being careful of using this product around the eye area especially if sensitive, I have no complaints!! Very good products.
My favourite so far is the ready to glow moisturiser.

Perfect for trying and travel.

The best little kit (with pleanty of products) for trying out some new goodies. Loved every one of the products, they all smell amazing! Took them travel with me with no regrets. The personal favourit was the mask and the nightcream.

Sunshine in a small bottle

First, I was unsure to purchase this product, as I have complex skins, sensitive, oily, acne and old scars. Wanted something light wear to give my face radiant look and to feel clean and less tired. After reviews, I've purchased this serum. It arrived on time. For best results, wash your face in the morning then apply serum, leave to absort before applying make up. Actually, I don't bother about make as much anymore. Seeing visible results, face looks more healthy, radiant, fresh, scars are disappearing. Even my close relatives and friends noticed the difference. It can't do miracles, but it does what it says, and smells fruity.
I'd buy it again!


I bought this set because I’d never tried anything from Wow You before, and I thought it was a great chance to try lots at once. I am SO glad I did! The products are amazing and already (within about 10 days) my scarring has gone down and my skin feels soft and fresh. I’ll definitely be ordering full sizes, and maybe even another mini set for travelling!


Arrived in time for me to go to uni and love every part of the kit. Have been using morning and night, and am seeing improvements in the texture of my skin and fading of acne scarring. I have very dry skin and the moisturisers are amazing. Couldn't recommend enough

Cute Kit

All my favourites in one gorgeous little pack! I love all of these minis and it arrived just in time for my weekend break. If you've never tried Wow You products then I recommend this taster pack. If you love Wow You already then I recommend this for the holographic bag alone 🤩

Labbra morbide

Ottimo prodotto,delicatamente profumato,adoro la linea wow you!

Lovely cleanser

Really lovely cleanser, left my skin soft and not dry after cleansing. Sadly didn’t improve my acne, but will keep using for now as like how soft my skin is.