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glow to sleep™
N Simmonite
Love this cream

I buy this for myself and my 11 year old daughter. We both love it.

Fabulous for my daughter

I bought this as a gift for my 13yr old daughter after she asked for some nice skin care for her birthday. The mini kit made a great trial and has really helped calm her combination skin which goes haywire pmt week. I’m now going to order full size as she is very happy with it. Thank you

ready, set, glow!
Tricia S
And there she glows…

I bought the mini bungle for my 12 yo to see if it agrees with her, after her skin had reacted to some other products. Not only is she breaking out less but her skin is radiant and glowing. At first these products might appear more pricey than off-the-shelf ones, but a little goes a long way so they are cost effective too.

ready, set, glow!
Ready set glow

Excellent products for teen skin no irritation my daughter loves this and is so happy

zen cleanser
Susan Wharwood
Excellent cleanser

I love all Wow You products, they do wonders for my unpredictable menopausal skin! I was getting terrible spots and dry skin, tried lots of other products before I found Wow You and within a few days my skin was so much better and continues to be so. A little goes a long way and I would definitely recommend them to anyone with sensitive or hormonal skin problems!

Amazing products!

I have purchased the full set of products and received the Berry lip balm too for my teenage daughter. They are an absolute dream, smell gorgeous and are kind to her skin. They are the only products that she has used that has cleared her skin without being too harsh. The lip balm is amazing too!! Will certainly buy again!

Great starter kit for tweens 🙂

Bought this for my 12 year old daughter and she absolutely loved it, especially the step-by-step instructions of how and when the products should be used for best effect. She especially loves the serum 🙂

zen cleanser
Alex Childs
Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Amazing. Soothes and cleanses my acne-prone skin. I'm on tretinoin and get flaky, peeling, irritated skin sometimes. This feels like a treat for my skin. Favourite cleanser ever - wish there was a subscription option with a discount.

glow up a level
Milena Risteska
Super products

We have finally discovered something that works for my teenage daughter skin after trying so many different products. Excellent products , smell amazing and are perfect for the skin. We have ordered several times now and each time delivery has been super quick. Thank you 😊

Gentle and thorough

This cleanser has a creamy texture and is like a woolly blanket for the skin. It’s thorough at cleansing the skin but does it in such a gentle way. It smells quite strongly of cucumber which is fine for me but I know cucumber can be a bit marmite for some.

Hydration hero

I’m very impressed with this serum. It’s lightweight and not greasy at all. The skin is left feeling so plump and juicy afterwards - far more so than equivalent products which are 3x the price!

ready, set, glow!
Annette Whittles
Teen skin

Bought for my granddaughter she absolutely loves it shes16

super serum
Saira Malik
Acne Buster for tweens

3rd purchase of serum for my 11year old who has these products invaluable for her hormonally changing skin. As a healthcare professional I struggled to find my DL something natural and chemical based but we seem to have found our skin care range for the next few years at least.

Acne prone or oily skin beautifully controlled by cleanser twice daily, serum twice daily and face creams.


Love this set of minis, such a great way of trying the products and also fantastic for travelling.

Love this moisturiser

I absolutely love this moisturiser. It leaves my skin so soft and is light enough to use in hot weather without leaving me looking greasy. Would definitely recommend.

Holy Grail!

I've been using WOW YOU! products in my routine for 2 & 1/2 years now and nothing else seems to be both gentle and effective enough for me to lessen breakouts.
Glow to Sleep I was a tiny bit nervous about trying for some reason (mostly 'cause night creams often break me out and I hadn't quite got the hang of sunscreen yet) but since trying it there was no going back! This is my absolute favourite moisturiser and from the first week of use my acne changed tremendously. While my skin still throws a fit at everything, Glow to Sleep helped change the lifecycle of my zits and I immediately noticed that the ones I was getting were smaller, less inflamed, and disappearing at a faster rate. I've been using it for well over a year now and still use it every night!

sea hydrate
magic serum

For dry skin, this serum worked actual magic on my skin. It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, it soaks in perfectly and my skin feels bouncy and soft it’s actually incredible. MAGIC.

super serum
Gives beautiful clear smooth hydrated skin!!

I purchased this serum as part of a gift set for my daughter’s Christmas present after reading positive reviews about the cleanser. My daughter is 12 and I wanted her to start having a good skincare routine as she is getting a few pimples.

She loves this serum so much, I believe it’s a vital part of helping her skin stay clear and spot free. Since Christmas we have replaced this a couple of times.


This is such a lovely lip balm and I absolutely love the packaging.


I use this whenever my skin needs a little boost and my skin always looks so much better and feels so soft afterwards.

Love the Zing

I love the zesty scent for summer time.

ready, set, glow!
Ella McConnell
Favourite skincare!!

Found this line a few years ago when I was struggling with bad Acne. First brand that felt like it was hugging and treating my skin, not to say it was the products that cleared my issues, as I believe in internal cleansing as well as external products but to have something so soft and lightweight on my skin, giving it the comfort it needed it definitely helped the healing process!
-I have never found a brand that I work as well with as I do WOW YOU. + I love the mini pack of the whole line, what a great way to trial the whole line without breaking the bank. Years later and I found myself back shopping with this brand and I have yet to find something I prefer. Also love the cute messages the company sends to boost your self esteem. A company I feel happy to support.

Great products

Having bought various off the shelf skin products for my teenage daughter, who was having regular breakouts, I saw an advert for Wow You products so bought the trial size of the products for her to try. She is so happy with how her skin feels & her skin looks so much clearer. She loves the smell of them too! Have just received the full sized products - one happy teenager!

Soft, gorgeous moisturiser!

Smells so lovely and makes my skin so soft. A staple of my nightime routine from now on!

glow to sleep™
Louise B.
So much happier now!

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and I think it’s the best cream I’ve ever used for my skin. I’ve suffered with spots for so long and this is a game changer for me. I like the serums and cleansers too but this cream is what keeps my skin clear and heals any spots I do get quickly. Thank you WOW YOU!! 🥰