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super serum
Mariam S James
Gives me the results I want....

Has a gentle scent that doesn't intrude & leaves my skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

super serum
Anna Dixon

I love using this product and feel my skin feels brighter and my make up goes on better

slay cleanser
Anna Dixon
Love it!

I believe I came across this during lockdown and have used it ever since, I love how it feels, how it makes my skin feel, no tightness or dryness after use. Love it!


works for my skin so well and smells heavenly🥰also cruelty free !!!!

super serum
Nicky de Weille
Best serum ever

I've been using this serum for about three years off and on, because I've been experimenting with other serums, but I always return to the superserum. Brexit has made it more expensive to ship, so I make sure I order a couple of serums whenever I visit the UK.

Perfect holiday kit!

I have recently come back to this skincare after two years. I wanted some mini pieces to take in my hand luggage. What a difference this made to my skin in four days. I’ll be staying with this and not going back to anything else.
This kit lasts way longer than you think too so it’s perfect.

bring the zing
Louise B.
Best night cream by far!

Honestly I also love the Glow To Sleep as well. Can’t go wrong with either! As always keeps my skin hydrated and spot free 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🥰

Lovely gift set

These products are absolutely fantastic and this set makes a lovely gift.

Smells lovely

Smells lovely and my skin feels amazing after use.

super serum
fab fab faab

This product is fab, i'm about to order again. It smells lush and makes my skin feel super smooth. Even if it didn't work, i'd use it for the smell.

Sooo nice

These products are lush. They smell amazing, my skin is quite sensitive and they worked really well - normally i can't use anything with a nice scent so this is a fab find for me.

Love this night cream

Perfect night cream! I've used this night cream for ages and my skin looks better day after day! And the smell is amazing! I nice little treat just before going to bed, I love it!

Favorite Face Moistuirzer

This is my everyday cream, I use it before makeup, after night cleansing, I LOVE IT. Everyone should give it a go!

hey cu-tea!
Perfect after a bath

I typically use this in the evening after a bath and it really adds to my relaxing routine. My skin is left soft "glowing" afterwards. It smells good and lasts a while.


I use this product daily and leaves my skin so soft. It smells good and lasts a while too. I've also noticed less dry spots on my face when using this daily.

First Use

I've been using wow you for 2+ years now and it all started with this bundle. My particular favourites that I still use in my routine are the cu-tea mask, the lip balm and glow to sleep moisturiser. Great if you want to try products for the first time, or use as travel buddies. My skin is quite "typical" so not excessively oily or dry and this was perfect for my skin to leave it soft and lessen breakouts.

Use Every Night

I use this product every night before bed. Leaves my skin soft and feels good in the morning. Smells nice and lasts a good while.

ready, set, chill!
Irene Rosie
Not sure Yet!

Unfortunately was having problems with my skin Rosacea I think and thought I would try your products as they sounded just what I needed. I am afraid my skin has become much worse I am not using the product now until I have seen my doctor. I hink your products are good and hope its just a different problem with my skin.


I've been using Wow You on and off for a couple of years now. I really notice a difference when I stop using it!
It's such a soft caring product compared to other harsh products out there that I've used to help with my blemishes
I'm getting married in September so bought this to start a really good skin care routine.... and it's already making me feel bride ready
I love this company X


My skin always feels so lovely after using this face mask. Would definitely recommend.

Perfect Product

Amazing product, best feeling ever, and best skin ever! The quality and the price of this product are insanely surprising and amazing

Best moisturizer ever

Absolutely amazing! first of all the smell, it's amazing! I've been looking for a natural and 'clean' skincare brand for ages, and finally, I've found it! this is the third bottle I'm purchasing

ready to glow™
Larisa Maskova

Do not buy any expensive creams! This is the best!

glow to sleep™
Larisa Maskova

This is the best cream for oily and combination skin.

chill out zone
Never disappoints 💜

As the Sea Hydrate was out of stock as a solo product I bought this set, I've been a fellow customer to Wow You for a couple years now, and I loved every single products I've tried. This set is actually made of my personal faves :
- the serum that contains retinol is perfect for my acne sensitive skin that is not irritating when used adequately
- the moisturizer is perfect for daytime and not oily and does a great job at keeping the irritations from winter away
- the cleanser is very soothing and skin calming so it's perfect when you need that extra touch of non agressive skincare,
- the sea hydrate... well it's my holly Grail! It's the perfect non sticky, hydrating, non pore clogging moisturizer, especially in hot temperatures when you don't want to put anything too heavy on your skin (especially for those like me with acne combination skin), it also gives a healthy glow to your face! I use it both for my morning skincare and my evening skincare, and as all the Wow You products, a little goes a VERY long way, so this gel moisturizer lasts for months even when using it twice daily.

This brand is the best random discovery I ever made, and definitely my best skincare purchases ever : the quality-quantity-price ratio is astonishing, like I said above, you don't need to use too much products and you can keep using them for months, the ingredients list is small and simple, that means you get good quality ingredients which actually target and treat your skin concerns, and you need nothing else but that, so very good for those who want effects without buying a ton of products and go for minimal skincare. Also the packaging is cute and 100% recyclable.

To be honest I think I'm addicted to this brand, every time I finish a product I need to order it again, because they're so good I feel like I couldn't leave without them. Anyways, I will keep ordering from you in the future, you got yourself a huge fan and fellow customer from France! I'm very looking forward to see more new skincare products from you in the future, if it's in your plans 💜