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Absolutely love this product x

Love it!!!

OMG I absolutely love this, I'm already seeing a difference in my skin xxx


This serum has cleared my daughters skin so quickly. She is very pleased with the results. Will definitely continue to buy!

Really love this range they smell amazing and my skin feels so much better absolutely love them

Vert good product

Amazing sent and and my skin after cleaner it’s so smooth and sweet

Wonderful serum!

I first purchased this serum because I found that sometimes my skin could feel quite tight, even after moisturising. But not anymore! This serum is incredibly moisturising, but yet still soaks in really quickly so it doesn't feel like you are layering product after product thickly on to your skin. The first few times I used it, I found that it just vanished into my skin and so I had to apply quite a bit to cover my whole face, so I was worried I would go through the pot really quickly. It turns out it was just because my skin was incredibly dehydrated though! After applying it under moisturiser twice a day for a few weeks, I have found that I needed to use a little bit less each time as my skin became more hydrated, and it no longer feels tight during the day!

Take a before photo!

This moisturiser is incredible! Not only is the texture amazing (I always struggle with moisturisers not soaking into my skin properly, despite the fact that it is dry), but has done wonders for my complexion! I have thought over the past few years that my skin has been pretty good, and I only tended to need to wear minimal makeup, but after using this moisturiser for a few weeks I have stopped wearing makeup on my skin entirely (something I NEVER thought I would do - because everyone has a few flaws, right?!) Honestly, my skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty! My only regret is not taking a before photo so I can still the full extent of the improvement (Ella recommends it when you buy the product - why didn't I listen?!)


I use this with the Slay Cleanser and makes a perfect 2 step skin care routine... it’s all you need if you’re like me and like to keep things simple! my acne has significantly reduced, my skins super smooth and hydrated. It works really well under makeup too

Love it

This is an amazing cleanser, cleared up my acne a treat but never dries out my skin. I can’t recommend it enough. My skin looks so healthy.

Very nice

I have used it for about 2 weeks. It is really nice and I love the way my skin feels in the morning. After using it, my skin is not oily but well moisturised in the morning. I definitely recommend the product. The little touches with the packaging (funny stickers, etc) was also really sweet. Surprisingly, the delivery was very prompt just before Christmas

Love it!!!

Love it. My skin feels amazing xx

babe scrub
Smells delicious and scrubs amazingly

Smells so good! Is very strong coffee scent so if you dislike that this is not for you. The scrub is very good and gritty leaving my skin lovely and my hands extra soft from rubbing it on 😂 My only issue with it is that it can be quite messy in the shower after using it as it seems to get everywhere but that is not a huge issue as other scrubs are most likely the same.
Also you dont need much so the tub will last a long time.

super serum
Really Recommend

I buy Slay Cleanser and Super Serum for my daughter who has tried SO many other products and finally has found these wonderful skin solutions. Simple products with wonderful results. Customer service from Ella and the team is brilliant with speedy courteous responses and quick resolutions to any issues.


I am very impressed so far. My skin already looks and feels better. The products are nicely packaged and smell great. I shall be ordering more when my mini kit is finished.

went from this🙁... to glowy skin!😌

I honestly cannot believe in just under two weeks my skin has improved so much!!
Nothing works for me literally NOTHING... Spent so much money from high end to drug store. I also was struggling to get a dermatologist because of covid...
I've put myself down a lot because of my acne, my self esteem, confidence and depression.
Thank you so much Wow You really have made me feel better about myself... 🥺💖😊

Love this!

This is my favourite cleanser, it a lovely creamy texture that doesn’t leave your skin dry or tight once you have used it. My skin is glowing after using this and combined with the super serum it just does wonders for my skin. This kit is lovely too, I bought this for myself but it would be a great gift as the cleansing cloth is great and the scrunchie is a cute little handy extra!

Really works

I love this cream! I feel like I can really see a difference as soon as I've had it on for a little while, and it does what it says on the tin and gives you a nice glow. I've used other Retinol creams before which were much more expensive, and they had an unpleasant strong smell and made my face feel really hot/go red - but with this one it doesn't smell, doesn't burn or make me look like a tomato (even if I use a lot of product), and gives a fresh dewy look to my skin. I would recommend this to anyone ☺️❤

Love this product!

This serum is very moisturising, with no strong smell - I love it and have ordered it a few times now 🙂💜

Eczema and dry skin saviour

This really helped when I had a bad bout of dry skin around my eyes and cheeks. I get eczema on my shoulders and throat and I was having a flare up when I got the dry skin on my face so if you get eczema on your face I would recommend this, it helped me nurse the skin around my eyes back to health!

Holy grail

I originally used this cleanser in the sample set. Since used that up and was waiting for the full size to restock and arrive I had developed an oily spotty forehead (that was new) and mask acne. Since the product arrived a few days ago my skin is looking so much better. I am very picky about textures, I love that this is a wash off product that leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Why is it so rare to find fragrance free skincare recently? In a pinch I have used it to remove makeup including eye, it didn't sting but takes more work than an oil cleanser but that isn't why I bought it. I don't know how they do it but I am so glad they do, most of my skincare is wow you now.

So glad I found this gem

I use the cleanser and the night cream. I love them both!! My skin is super sensitive to everything and has a mind of its own but this has really calmed it down in the few weeks since I started using Wow you! (pic on the left is now, right before). I use it with cotton pads not water as it dries my skin up if I use too much water and I use Epaderm cream too to combat dryness. It feels so nice using these products and smells SO great. I look forward to using it. Thanks for this amazing product. Please don't change it ☺️.

Fave product in the range, really moisturizing and not oily at all

Super quick delivery which I was very impressed with! Nice product and good to know that it is so eco friendly and supporting a small business 🙂

Positive, positive, positive

Since using this brand, my skin has never looked better. Smells yummy, feels great, packaging is appealling, quick postage. All just positive, positive, positive 😊

Love these products.

Absolutely love these products, after my most recent skincare swap made my skin highly sensitive and irritated to litteraly everything, my skin clearly needed some help. I decided to buy all of this bundle except the super serum. I also purchased the coconut lip scrub and mixed berries lip balm.

The customer service was fantastic, I was kept up to date the entire time from the minute my order was place to the second it was dispatched. And I was shocked at how quickly it arrived as I literally arrived the day after dispatch!

I thought the packaging was really cute and I loved that it came with a cute little self love sticker, I thought it was a lovely personal touch.

I have only been using these products for a few days but I am in love already, my skin is hydrated, soothed and it is the softest it has ever been! I feel so happy with my skin now that I don't feel the need to wear foundation or power anymore! You don't have to use a lot either to see results which is fab. The price is also fantastic and I believe that you definitely get more then you pay for!

I also really appreciate the eco friendly aspect of this company. How fantastic is it to know that the just by purchasing a product you are helping to plant trees and support the local people that make it happen!

I would definitely recommend this company and their products. I can see these products being in my life for a very long time.