Slay Cleanser

🌸 Slay grime, acne and pollution to get glowing with this purifying cleanser powered by honey and hibiscus.

Babes know that a good cleanser is the foundation of a great skincare routine. Slay lifts away grime, fighting off acne and pollution to leave you with clean, soft and glowy skin - perfectly primed as a base for greatness!


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full ingredients list

  • Slay's tenacious team of non-greasy oils delicately dissolve makeup and grime while nourishing your skin's protective barrier.
  • Hibiscus contains natural AHAs (safe for daily use!) which gently exfoliate, unclog pores and even skin tone to max your glow.
  • Antibacterial honey purifies and locks in hydration to help keep acne under control.
  • Antioxidant pomegranate slays free radicals from daily pollution build-up to keep your skin healthy.
  • Locks in moisture.

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What it is:

The perfect daily face cleanser for babes who need some instant glow. Rich, luxurious creamy texture. Made with gentle, purifying ingredients. Smells like a sweet shop crossed with a florist!

How to include it in your routine:

Ideal for use both morning and night. Massage a pump or two onto your wet face and rinse with warm water. Follow with Super Serum for max impact!

Key info:

Hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, paraben free, sls free, made in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

After using other cleansers I chose to try the WOWYOU ‘Slay cleanser’ As I have dry skin it’s hard to find a cleanser which doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight. This cleanser is perfect for me! The texture is creamy and it’s so hydrating on the skin leaves it feeling soft. And it smells GORGEOUS! I use the ‘super serum’ and ‘ready to glow moisturiser’ afterwards for the best results.


My old cleanser wasn’t working for me, my skin felt tight and dry. My skin is oily but can get dry during winter, this is so creamy and hydrating it really works for my skin.
I’ve definitely noticed a difference with my acne!


This cleanser is so creamy and hydrating, rare for cleansers for acne prone-skin but just what i've been looking for! It smells amazing and i just love the packaging. I'm excited to to see how it effects the clarity of my skin in the long-term.

Cleared my acne and scars

Generally, I have oily skin and a pimple or two, but a change in my medications gave me the most horrific breakouts I’ve ever had. None of my usuals were working and I kind of panicked. I ordered Slay Cleanser, Super Serum, and Aloe Gorgeous. I have been using these in the morning and at bedtime for a week and not only has my acne cleared, but my old acne scars are fading. The cleanser and serum smell incredible and all of the products feel great to use.

new addition to my cleanser rotation!

I have tried a lot of cleansers and I know what I like and I can safely say that this is now one of my new favourites! It smells like candy and flowers but doesn't irritate my skin, which strong-scented things usually do and it leaves your skin soft and smooth! Brilliant!


This is amazing and i absolutley love this brand leaves my skin clear and takes off my makeup and smells amazing i just love it

A Creamy Goodness

This cleanser felt really nice. With my oily/combo skin, I do prefer to use this one in the morning to remove excess face oil or serums I used the night before since it is a purifying cleanser. This smells more floraly but the scents of their cleansers are very light. For a purifying cleanser, it doesn't strip your skin at all!

Gorgeous Creamy Cleanser

Let me start of by saying that the scent of this cleanser is gorgeous. I like the packaging of this as it’s an easy pump to use. It has a luxurious texture and feels lovely on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised that this cream cleanser helped to purify my oily skin similar to my gel cleansers. My skin felt super soft and hydrated after using this. This is also great as a second soothing cleanser. I would love @wowyoubeauty to create a gel version of this Honey & Hibiscus Cleanser

Creamy dream

I have just started using this and I couldn't be happier. This cleanser doesn't dry my skin and it's creamy formula doesn't leave any greasy residue either. Unlike other cleansers and washes I don't need to use more than one pump. It also smells delicious (I'm hardly surprised by this, WowYou know a good scent when they see it). I would definitely recommend this cleanser.

We have a winner

Scent so yummy you wanna eat this. The formula is so lovely and CREAMY. I’m a double cleanse gal and this in combination with your favorite toner will leave you 100% clean and fresh. An extra star for the super cute packaging!