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hey cu-tea!

green tea & cucumber purifying mask
get glowing with this detoxifying mud mask, powered by naturally purifying green tea and soothing cucumber.

Hey cu-tea works while you chill to:

Improve pore appearance

Hydrate and soften your skin

Reduce excess oils to tackle acne

It's suitable for all skin types but is best suited for normal, oily or combination skin.

    100ml · Vegan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Is this magic?

    This is my new favourite mask, I can't believe this. It super simple to apply, it doesn't sting or tingle like any other clay mask. It leaves my skin soft, bright and incredibly 70% of the redness on my face fades away. The few pimples I have are visibly smaller. It never happened to me with any other product. I'm speechless to be honest.

    Absolutely fantastic

    This mask is absolutely fantastic, after use skin feels smooth and even looks visibly better, after a few uses skin looks healthier, acne and marks are reduced, redness and inflammation is practically gone, I absolutely love it, I also love that this mask doesn't dry and crack on your face, so no risk of it drying out your skin 💖

    Not sure

    Not a fan of this product, I normally like a mask that dries down and thick but this is very thin and doesn’t dry. Not sure what it’s doing for me

    Hi Darcie, thank you for your feedback lovely. I'm very sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Hey Cu-tea. We actually designed it to not dry out as this can risk drying out your skin, stripping it of your natural protective skin oils and making your skin more prone to acne and environmental damage. Instead, we have formulated Hey Cu-tea to keep your skin nourished and protected while decongesting your pores and removing dead skin cells. We've included hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to prevent our mask from drying out your skin and soothing cucumber to help balance oil levels so it should leave your skin soft, smooth and fresh feeling. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it, if you'd like to try out any of our other masks instead I'd be happy to sort this out for you . Many thanks, Ella

    This is a very interesting mask. I was really drawn to it by all the comments saying it was a clay mask for people who hate clay masks. I also love anything soothing or green tea so I jumped at getting this mask before trying the others and, though I can't give a full and in depth review as I've only tried it once, it was nice, hydrating, creamy and totally inoffensive to my very acne prone and sensitive skin. I love the brand ethos and ingredients. I've also got the blueberry rosehip serum which is lovely. Can't wait to use up some of my products to try more of Wow You! :)

    A clay mask for people who hate clay masks.

    I’ll be honest—I was initially underwhelmed and skeptical. I’m used to mud masks that dry down and assumed that the drying had something to do with the effectiveness of the product, but as per usual, Wow You! has done it again. This mask won’t dry and crack all over your face. In fact, it’s quite creamy and comfortable, yet I still get the benefits from any other clay mask. It’s a much more gentle formula, so I don’t think it would be irritating to those with sensitive and/or dry skin. It may take a bit of getting used to, but after giving it time and allowing the product to work on my skin over the course of a few weeks, I’ve noticed how it helped control any acne that may have popped up. I personally use Z’est La Vie to stop acne from forming, but if I’ve had a particularly stressful week, Hey Cu-Tea! is what I use to deal with the aftermath. As with all products, this mask is worth trying—I’ve never found a brand before where I’ve liked everything I’ve tried, but there’s a first for everything I suppose!

    Clay but not as you know it

    I have developed a bit of a mud mask stash so as a result I e been really trying to cut myself off. You know the score - muds: drawing, great for congestion and pores, helps sebum and shine but also, so often, drying. Not so here. If you just opened this and applied with your eyes closed you’d assume it to be a gel based, aloe type gel mask. It’s feels soothing and cooling to apply, rinsed off easily no matter how long you leave it on for and leaves the complexion brightened and smooth. It performs incredibly well and a little goes a long way. Very very good value in these times of extra expensive mud masks


    I have been using this for a few times already. I notice that after use, my skin brightens up a bit. My pores are slightly minimise. The mask give me a bit of tingling and cooling sensations when I put it on but I don’t have any bad reaction to it! Recommend for anyone who is looking for a nice detoxifying Mud Mask!

    Skin is glowing!

    I have problematic oily skin and after just one use of the Cu-tie mask I noticed a difference in the brightness and softness of my skin! The product also smells natural and was easy to apply! Highly recommend!


    This is one of the best face masks I have used. Noticeable results straight away! Left my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It also calmed down my acne immediately

    My skin looks amazing!

    I was so shocked by how much I love this mask! My skin looks so revived and healthy after I washed it off! It even made my pores smaller which is amazing!! A win!