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    sensitive skin duo

    we've brought together our two sensitive skin heroes with this duo to help your skin chill!

    This bundle includes full sized:

    Zen, our cucumber & oatmeal creamy cleanser to refresh & soothe skin. This is the perfect reset tool for irritated skin! 😘

    Our soothing daily moisturiser, Aloe Gorgeous, with aloe vera & oatmeal, built to hydrate and protect skin throughout the day!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Never disappoints 💜

    As the Sea Hydrate was out of stock as a solo product I bought this set, I've been a fellow customer to Wow You for a couple years now, and I loved every single products I've tried. This set is actually made of my personal faves :
    - the serum that contains retinol is perfect for my acne sensitive skin that is not irritating when used adequately
    - the moisturizer is perfect for daytime and not oily and does a great job at keeping the irritations from winter away
    - the cleanser is very soothing and skin calming so it's perfect when you need that extra touch of non agressive skincare,
    - the sea hydrate... well it's my holly Grail! It's the perfect non sticky, hydrating, non pore clogging moisturizer, especially in hot temperatures when you don't want to put anything too heavy on your skin (especially for those like me with acne combination skin), it also gives a healthy glow to your face! I use it both for my morning skincare and my evening skincare, and as all the Wow You products, a little goes a VERY long way, so this gel moisturizer lasts for months even when using it twice daily.

    This brand is the best random discovery I ever made, and definitely my best skincare purchases ever : the quality-quantity-price ratio is astonishing, like I said above, you don't need to use too much products and you can keep using them for months, the ingredients list is small and simple, that means you get good quality ingredients which actually target and treat your skin concerns, and you need nothing else but that, so very good for those who want effects without buying a ton of products and go for minimal skincare. Also the packaging is cute and 100% recyclable.

    To be honest I think I'm addicted to this brand, every time I finish a product I need to order it again, because they're so good I feel like I couldn't leave without them. Anyways, I will keep ordering from you in the future, you got yourself a huge fan and fellow customer from France! I'm very looking forward to see more new skincare products from you in the future, if it's in your plans 💜

    Working wonders

    Wow You! Continues to work wonders on my skin! This has been great for my dry skin and I LOVE it ❤️

    Laura Gallardo
    I'm in love

    In love with these products. I don't know what else to say. I've been using them for years now and I can't switch to any other brand.

    Nat B
    Has really helped

    These creams are the best products I have found for sensitive, acne-prone skin, no products from other brands come close to them. The difference is really noticeable when I don't use them, because they make my skin clearer and much softer.

    Great duo

    Tried the minis and as they were great I came back for the full size. They calm down my hormonal break outs in a couple of days instead of at least a week and my redness is noticeably less. My skin feels lovely plus I’ve felt more confident when going bare faced.

    Annabelle S-J

    Love all their products but this is definitely my fave. Feels so good on my skin and really calming. Smells amazing too. I love the cream as it's nice and thick but not sticky at all and sinks into the skin perfectly. You get a decent amount for the money too compared to some other products. 👌

    Kelly Fowler
    Luxurious duo

    I was advised to start with the set as my skin can be super sensitive.
    The wash is soothing and makes my skin feel clean but not stripped.
    I love the moisturiser, it’s thick and luxurious but doesn’t make me feel greasy as it sinks in nicely .


    I have super sensitive skin and have struggled all my life to find skincare that doesn't react with my skin. This skincare is a miracle 🙌 No more chemical burn and leaves my skin feeling so soft and looking so healthy!!

    Great products.

    Aloe Gorgeous is fabulous. Calms my irritated and sometimes dry, but blemish prone, skin. Have yet to try Zen cleanser as I'm still using Slay cleanser from first order but I know it will be good.

    Love these products.

    Absolutely love these products, after my most recent skincare swap made my skin highly sensitive and irritated to litteraly everything, my skin clearly needed some help. I decided to buy all of this bundle except the super serum. I also purchased the coconut lip scrub and mixed berries lip balm.

    The customer service was fantastic, I was kept up to date the entire time from the minute my order was place to the second it was dispatched. And I was shocked at how quickly it arrived as I literally arrived the day after dispatch!

    I thought the packaging was really cute and I loved that it came with a cute little self love sticker, I thought it was a lovely personal touch.

    I have only been using these products for a few days but I am in love already, my skin is hydrated, soothed and it is the softest it has ever been! I feel so happy with my skin now that I don't feel the need to wear foundation or power anymore! You don't have to use a lot either to see results which is fab. The price is also fantastic and I believe that you definitely get more then you pay for!

    I also really appreciate the eco friendly aspect of this company. How fantastic is it to know that the just by purchasing a product you are helping to plant trees and support the local people that make it happen!

    I would definitely recommend this company and their products. I can see these products being in my life for a very long time.