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We're so happy you've chosen to try our skincare products, thank you!

Here are a few top tips to help you get started on your journey and get the best out of your new skincare goodies šŸ˜Š


1. Know the way to glow...

We get lots of questions about which order to use our products in so we have put together handy guides showing our recommended morning and evening skincare routines.

You can slot in your existing skincare products (e.g. SPF, toner) and follow our recommendations for the products you've bought from us.

ā˜€ļø Morning Routine

šŸŒ™ Evening Routine

If we haven't covered something and you'd like to know where it fits in, get in touch with us and we'll help šŸ˜Š

2. Glow gentle with the actives

You can overdo it if your skin isn't used to strong actives. While ingredients like retinol and AHA are awesome and help your skin in the long run, it can help to ease into it if you haven't tried them before.

With our night moisturisers, Glow to Sleep and Bring the Zing, we recommend using them every other night for the first two weeks, then you can start using them every night.

3. Glow from within

We want to help you change the relationship you have with your skin for the better!

This is why we've included a step in your morning and evening routine to speak kindly to yourself, whatever your skin is doing šŸ’–

We'd also encourage you to try and catch yourself thinking negatively about your appearance and instead focus on something positive you like about yourself.

Changing the way you talk to yourself in the mirror and accepting the way you look with kindness re-wires your brain, helping your confidence shine through!

"It says to tell yourself you look great after the morning routine. Well at first, I was like hey why not, it tells you to do it. Such a silly thing, but it actually makes you feel great."



We hope you and your skin enjoy your new skincare goodies. Get in touch with us if you have any questions and let me know how you get on as I love to hear your feedback! šŸ˜Š

Best wishes,

WOW YOU! Co-Founder

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June 19, 2020

I am SO happy to be trying this!! I love the fact that they are mini so I can try them out before committing to them, see how they work with my skin. My readers will love this set!!

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